Waldo’s World–Life on Suzanne Steele’s farm

My newest rescue Waldo. He’s a huge fan of Critters In Need. While he’s small he has to be kept safe in his large fenced in area. There are predators like coyotes and wolves where I live, because I’m out in the boondocks on a 32 acre farm. He’s already spoiled rotten and comes out to play when I call him. I adore my baby boy piglet and he’s so happy to finally be in a good home. He’s sending a huge shout out to @CrittersInNeed (you can find them on facebook) for all the fabulous work they do. This is one pig saved from ever being mistreated.



Black snakes are a welcome addition on the farm because they eat poisonous snakes. This one was in a box I unpacked from a shed so I got him out and placed him safely in the woods.

Many of Suzanne’s animals on her farm are rescues. This mother with her baby goat, and Waldo the piglet are examples. She is presently involved with ‘Critters In Need’. You can check them out on Facebook.

Today in Waldo’s world it’s raining. He loves when it rains because it means he has plenty of mud puddles to play in. Waldo wants me to tell all the beautiful readers this is a great day to snuggle up with one of his mom’s books.