Who Suzanne Steele is

Amazon reviewSuzanne  Steele is a television host for a TV program in her local Charlotte NC area. She focuses on volunteer work and is very heavily involved in giving back to her local community. The month of October will be spent focusing on breast cancer awareness. This is an author who interacts with her readers and wants them to feel free to friend her on Facebook or any of her other social sites. She adores her readers and recognizes it is because of them her books have been so successful. The readers are her inspiration and what keeps her writing.
Suzanne has a penchant for writing about dark characters with twisted behavioral patterns. If you’re looking for the typical romance, this is probably not the author for you. Her characters are very alpha in nature and many times they operate under obsession for the object of their affection; rather than love. Though she does believe in happily ever afters, her characters many times have a bumpy ride getting there.
She also writes under the pseudonym Stormy Dawn Weathers and those writings are as darkly laced with a true realism of shock and awe that Suzanne Steele writes. Suzanne Steele does not believe in holding back when it comes to writing about how dark and depraved her characters are in the core of their primal natures.
Please be sure to read the descriptions of the books, she is a multi-genre author and she writes under several different genres. They include: Self Help, Romance, Suspense, MC, Psychological/Thriller, Crime/Punishment, Romance/Suspense, BDSM, Dark Romance. The descriptions are clearly laid out for you; enjoy. Also, be sure to follow her facebook author page @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Suzanne-Steele/160387180790420?ref=hl and/or her blog @ suzannesteelesblog.wordpress.com for updates on all of your favorite characters and new releases. Suzanne Steele–an author who’s always connecting with her readers and fans.


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