Suzanne Steele’s writing cave

This is an area outside I love to write in. I purposely live a very secluded life so I can write.

Angel’s still my writing partner 🙂

Suzanne’s present day writing cave.

Suzanne’s old writing cave.

I get asked if I still use pen and paper to write. I always keep a notebook and pen with me for research purposes and many times I go over research I’ve done before tapping at the computer keys. If it has the ability to convey an emotion or the thoughts of a character running through my mind, I’m all in. As an author there are times I’m inspired and I immediately write it down so I don’t forget. It boils down to one thing for me: I want to touch my beautiful readers in a way that makes them feel what the characters feel. In doing so… I ultimately connect with you and that’s the most important thing in this world of art we all inhabit.

My writing buddy, Angel. She has quite the internet presence and does a lot of work with ‘Critters In Need’. You can check them out on Facebook.