Suzanne’s releases coming in 2017–2018


Jaded Jewels E-Book Cover

Jaded Jewels (Born Bratva Book 7)  Canary Chaos E-Book Cover

Canary Chaos (Born Bratva Book 8)





Old Hollywood (Colombian Cartel Book 4)

urbandecay (1)


Urban Decay (Sinaloa Cartel Book 2)


Problematic Escapade (1)


Problematic Escapade (Sinaloa Cartel Book 1)


SuitedSlave (1)






34 thoughts on “Suzanne’s releases coming in 2017–2018

  1. So I am basically a lover of all of your books no matter the topic. I just love your writing style and your ability to draw the reader in. Can’t wait for the next book.

    • I hadn’t thought about it but now that you mentioned it, that’s a great idea. Now you have a story line rambling around in my head. I love my readers, you guys come up with the best stuff.

  2. I read hundreds of books and at this point in time have been obsessive about Russian mafia books. I stumbled upon the Born Bratva series. I can not get enough. I love them! Can’t wait for Deadly to come out. You have easily become one of my favorite authors. Now I’m gonna start on your other series! Thank you so much for your work!

  3. Seriously! Are you kidding me! “Until the gunshots ring out”! Please tell me book Book 6 of the Bratva series will be here soon….PLEASEEE.. (on hands and knees groveling) Love this series so bloody much. Thank you Suzanne Steele for such engrossing reads. Im thoroughly hooked! 😘

  4. I’ve read and reread the Born Bratva series I got hooked on them as a Kindle Unlimited offering and now find myself buying them outright. Please keep them coming.

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