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20 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Hi, I am a big fan of your work!
    I was just wondering why I can’t find inevitable, his captive and Cellar Door on amazon? And I was also wondering why your books are not on iTunes, iBook’s Australia?

    Thank you

    • Hello, and first off thanks for reaching out. I love hearing from my readers, you guys are awesome. Inevitable, and cellar door aren’t out yet. I’m releasing a book called Urban Renewal (Urban Elite Book 1) later this month between the 17th and 30th. That book will have the actual abduction in it that happens in Cellar Door which will be out in a couple of months. You don’t have to read Urban Renewal but it will give you a back-round of Madonna’s abduction. His Captive has been re-released as ‘The Club’ and it’s available on Amazon now. Inevitable I have no release date as of yet because the characters aren’t speaking to me yet. Hope that helps and please feel free to friend me on facebook or anywhere else for that matter.

    • Forgot to answer itunes question. My books can only be Unlimited Kindle (able to borrow) if they’re exclusively Amazon available. The readers can read as much as they want to for 10.00 a month and I want to keep my books available for those on tight budgets. Have a great day and once again thanks for reaching out.

  2. Hey there!
    I found you through Glazov and well needless to say I had to read more.
    What about Natasha and Nikita’s story? Would really LOVE THAT!!!!

    • Funny you asked…it’s at the editor’s. Look for ‘The Cleaner (Born Bratva Book 4)’. It usually takes a month and a half to two months so I’m thinking by the beginning of March. I don’t like to give release dates because once it’s in the editor’s hands it is her baby. Thanks for reaching out and feel free to connect on Facebook. You can find me anywhere under Suzanne Steele. Have a great day:)

  3. Hahahhahahhha! I can’t believe this Hahahhahahhaa 😀
    You said that once the book is in the editor’s hand, it’s her baby.. So.. I said plz ask the baby mama to speed up the process

  4. Wow, how did a simple conversation take this turn! 😀
    Well, it’ll definitely be worth it knowing I made two people somewhere in the world laugh!
    Anyway, best of luck.
    I am SMH too! LMAO

    • That is so why I hired my editor. My grammar sucks, but my imagination is off the charts. Feel free to friend me on any of my social sites, I love connecting with readers. You guys rock! The link for Facebook is already here in the comments. Have a great day, I’m off to a day of writing 🙂

      • Hahahaha,well your editor’s the life saver then!
        If you are on goodreads or twitter might make you laugh again haha.
        Anyway, best of luck. Xx
        Thanks for the little chat.

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