Suzanne Steele’s Best Sellers

Thank you Beautiful Readers for making Inevitable and Angel of Death 5 and 6 in Hot New Releases.

Thank you beautiful readers for making my new release Angel of Death number 3 in Hot new releases. I adore you guys and you keep me writing because you’re so supportive


Cellar Doo # 2Cellar Door 1 Organized Crime

The Cleaner 2 Organized 3

Undercover Elite 1 in new releases

Thank you readers and Eda Price Editing for making Undercover Elite (Undercover Elite Book 2) # 1 in Hot New Releases Serial Killers Genre. You guys Rock!

Glazov both 8-22-15

Both Glazov books are #1 in the Crime Thriller genre. I thank GOD and you precious readers. I love you!

Glazov top 2 8-8-15Glazov both 8-6-15Glazov both 8-5-15Glazov's Legacy #1 8-3-15 Organized crime thrillersGlazov's Legacy #1 8-3-15Glazov's Legacy #1Glazov 7-21-15Black Rose Serial KillerBest seller GlazovGlazov # 1Hunted OrganizedHunted SerialNovak 2Novak 2Novak and Black RosePerilous UKPerilous UKPerilousShattered Pieces # 2Stray organizedStray ThrillerUK Hunted


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