Rubia has been revised, re-edited-and re-released and is available on Amazon

Rubia (A Colombian Cartel Novella) Revised, re-edited, and re-released for your reading pleasure. In order to insure my readers have access to Rubia through Kindle Unlimited I chose to re-release this book after it was revised and re-edited. My readers informed me they don’t get the new versions of my books on KU unless I do this. Though it’s costing me all my Amazon reviews, my readers are more important to me. Enjoy and I adore every single one of you.
I am the man responsible for the captivity of two women; Roxanne and Juanita.
Roxanne was sent to my little brother in New York City.
Juanita stayed here with me and this is her story.
When these girls crossed me and stole $100,000 of my money, they sealed their fate.
Hell, that amount of money is nothing to a man in my position; it’s the principle.
I am a high ranking Colombian official and being seen as weak is not an option for me.
The one thing that I never counted on: was falling in love with my captive…
This is not just her story, it’s mine.
I am disciplined, hard, decisive, powerful, but I am also damaged… and falling in love is NOT an option for me; or so I thought…
Available on Amazon:
©2017 Suzanne Steele

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