You ask me…

You ask me if the lines have become blurred.

If I have become what I write about.

I will tell that yes, while my fingers stroke the keys that weave you a tale, I become the Abductor.

While my fingers stroke the keys telling you of abduction, I become the abducted.

While I weave you a tale of blackmail and intrigue or of love and lust, control or loss of it, yes, I become that character.

The same as an actor becomes the character they portray on the screen before your very eyes, I too become the character of the tale that I weave.

I have always been gifted with insight, the ability to see not only what others do but why they do it.

While my fingers stroke these keys, I pull from anything in me to draw on that character and make them real for you, my reader.

I draw on all of my insight and understanding to in turn give it to you, my reader.

While you read the words that I have written, you become part of that story.

You feel what I write about and you see into the mind and the thought process of that character.

When my fingers cease from the stroke of those keys I go back to my normal everyday reality.

If I can take you away from the problems that you faced today and the mundane boring existence of everyday monotony, then I have done my job.

I have given you an escape from reality…
©2015 Suzanne Steele


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