Graphic (Dirty Deeds 2) is live!


This is a series I’m doing in Episodes. Each episode will be 20,000–30,000 word count. (Think TV series) Each story will end resolved for that plot line and will have an introduction to the next story. (The same way a TV series has a preview of the upcoming show). I’ve made it available for free on KU so it can be easily followed. Enjoy, beautiful readers.
He’s the man who levels the playing field when you have a problem. She’s the woman who has spent years getting out of the life of being a con-artist. He’ll do whatever needs to be done to make your problem go away–for the right price that is. She’ll do anything to stay straight and not go back to a life of crime.
Looks like he might have to resort to some questionable measures to convince her, but that’s okay, because blackmail and kidnapping are all part of what he does.
He needs her for a job and he’s not taking no for an answer.
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©Suzanne Steele

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