Coming Soon: Graphic (Episode 2)


Dominic looked up from where he was seated with Lydia. He twirled the two fingers of bourbon in his snifter between his fingers with the expertise of a man who knew the difference between cheap whiskey and fine bourbon. Bourbon was one of the reasons he loved Louisville Kentucky, the city’s geography was one that was steeped in generations of the angel’s share and the devil’s cut. He took a moment to savor the rich scent of the expensive liquor. It was the reason he had purchased the snifters. Bourbon was an experience to be savored and there was an art form to enjoying it to the fullest—one he had mastered over the years. He was a man given to the finer things in life. He exuded a kind of class that comes only to those whom have it innately, one that can’t be learned or mimicked. He’d been born into it and would carry its traits throughout his lifetime with a natural ease other men only wished they had.
A teaser from Graphic (Episode 2) coming soon.
©2017 Suzanne Steele.

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