Diamond Days (Born Bratva 6)


The energy in the room shifted even before Kathleen looked up to find Glazov standing in the doorway of their bedroom. She could feel the predatory energy that surrounded him, the air practically crackled with it as his rabid eyes settled on her. She went utterly still, clenching the sheets in her fists as her wide-eyed gaze darted around the room, quickly taking stock of the distance from the bed to the bathroom, then from the bed to the closet.
As if either space would offer a shred of protection from the sensory onslaught that was headed her way.
Her eyes jolted back to her husband, noting how his breathing had deepened and become ragged. His muscles appeared to be locked in place, poised to pounce if she so much as moved a muscle. Icy blue eyes glittered at her from across the room when he took the first slow, deliberate step toward her, as if daring her to try her luck.
An excerpt from ‘Diamond Days’ (Born Bratva 6) Available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Suzanne-Steele/e/B00C9L6YRQ
©2017 Suzanne Steele


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