Baby, I was born this way.


I was born this way…

Born how, do you say?

Born with the innate desire to root for the villain in the story.

Born with the need to study criminal behavior, the criminal mind, abduction, and all the dark behavioral patterns that go along with it.

Born with the desire to keep the things I write about real; even if it’s in a dark way that uncovers the hideous monsters obscured behind your white picket fences; white picket fences you’ve so carefully constructed; in hopes no one would see what goes on behind your suburban portals of perfection.

For you see…

I do not believe that monsters exist only in haunted mansions and desolate graveyards; oh no…they walk among us.

So if I offend you with my style of writing; my quill which is dipped in  the blood stained ink of truth, by all means turn your gaze  of denial elsewhere to  that which you can withstand.

But know this…

I will never be silenced from writing about that which I know, that which I have lived.

I will always to myself be true…

Because baby…I was born this way.

©2015 Suzanne Steele



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