Stockholm Syndrome

Christmas Suzanne 11 cropped BW

I am just an everyday woman, nothing special.

I have checks and balances just like the rest of you.

I lock my doors when I get in my car, don’t pick up hitchhikers, don’t leave my drink at a bar, don’t park in alleys…And just like you one day I broke one of those rules…I parked in an alley just to run in and get the one last thing I thought I had to have.

When I awoke I was being held captive by a stranger who knew much more about me than I did him.

As much as I hated the monster who abducted me, over a matter of time I suffered from a severe case of Stockholm Syndrome and now I have bonded with the very man who took me against my will.

An excerpt from what I’m presently working on: Urban Renewal (Urban Elite Book 1)

©2015 Suzanne Steele


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