I am…

DSC_0004sharp Cropped

I am a woman, I think like a man.
I am sweet, I am sour.
I am a good girl, I am a brat.
I am sinner, I am saint.
I am chaste, I am a vixen.
I am pure, I am tainted.
I am independent, wild and free, yet captive, subservient and slave.
I am focused, I am distracted.
I will intrigue you, confuse you and torment you, for I am ever changing like the weather and just as unpredictable.
You will believe that you have me figured out and I will elude you, causing you to have to recapture your prey over and over, time after time.
One thing is for certain, you will not become bored with me, for I am ever changing, ever evolving from within.
I will make you feel as if my world revolves around you, only to elude you as I disappear onto my next venture.
The next adventure within my vivid imagination.
I roam wild and free in the recesses of my mind as I ponder the next story, the next character, the next love, or lack of it.
I invite you to go with me but I must warn you that I am very hard to keep up with, for I am a true artist from the very depths of my soul and creativity is and will always be my first love…
©2014 Suzanne Steele


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