Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf…

Silver 21

Who’s afraid of the big, bad wolf?

I am, yet I taunt and tease him.

Pulling at his tail and rattling his cage.

I skip through the woods purposely taunting him.

I know he is dangerous, but yet I call to him as I merrily skip through the wooded areas of my life.

“You can’t catch me” I giggle, as I dodge behind a tree.

I watch from a distance as he raises his nose in the air, identifying my scent and locating me.

Tee, hee, I giggle, as I run along, high on the aphrodisiac of subtle fear that he provides me.

I see the craving in his eyes as he licks his lips eyeing me.

But the sun is going down and dusk is upon me, I’ll have to go for now.

Because deep down inside, I’m afraid of the big, bad, wolf!

©2013 Suzanne Steele



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