Novak’s Ode to Katrina…


Novak’s ode to Katrina…
Oh Katrina, Katrina, my Katrina… There is something about you that makes me want to take you.
You are the perfect blend of feral and free, with a dash of trapped and trepidation.
I do not desire to lead you, for I can take no chance of losing you to the uncertainty that resides within your being.
I am trapped as you are; for I cannot escape the desire to take you. Over and over consuming you and yet never being satisfied….Compelled to consume you time and again…
You are mine. I will not make you mine…But thus I shall proclaim: That I have done the deed of making you mine and mine alone; just by my decision to do so.
I will strip you of all decisions and the will to make them, for this is my nature when it comes to you my dear Katrina.
Yes my Love; the matter is no longer within your grasp of decision making, for I have made the decision to take you.
You are mine…
An excerpt from ‘Novak’ available on Amazon
©2013 Suzanne Steele


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