Slow Release is Live!

Slow Release Suzanne & Stormy

Caucasian Male–African American female Suspense/romance
It may be a slow release but when she lets go, I’ll be there; she will fall and when she does… I’ll be there to catch her.
Damon: I run the largest modeling agency in New York city. I live the life most men dream of. Anything I desire is mine and I’m not a man who takes no for an answer. As soon as I saw her portfolio, I knew I had to have her. Her skin is dark, flawless, and perfect. It’s like deep, dark, delicious chocolate and her eyes…Oh shit, they are so intriguing I can’t even describe them. They are midnight blue and when you look into them, it’s like you’re immediately sucked into a vortex with no way to escape. From the moment she looked back at me from that fucking picture on my desk, I knew I would do anything to have her and keep her. The only problem is that I’m not the only one enamored with her. It seems that my beautiful model has not only gained my interest, but that of a very dangerous stalker as well.
Skye: My name is Skye and I’m Haitian. I came here with the American dream and even I am shocked at how far my career has gone. I work for one of the most powerful agents in New York city and the man is obsessed with me. There’s only one problem. Well, there are two really. I don’t date white men… Unfortunately, I have no choice but to subject myself to him 24/7 because he is the only one who can protect me from my stalker.

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