Perilous (Dauntless MC) is live

DSC_0127sharpeditclose Logan

Daisy: I’ve been a biker chick since I was fifteen and an old lady since I hooked up with my old man, Billy, the President of Hell’s Demons. Since then, my life has been everything I ever wanted, and that was to live wild and ride free. Things were good until the club started running meth, and my old man got hooked. Now, I’m tired of getting my ass beat on a daily basis for no damn reason. I’ve got one way out, and it’s either going to be my salvation or my demise. I’m going to work for our biggest rival, the Dauntless MC.

Preacher: She showed up out of nowhere, an old lady from a rival club. I should just kick her ass to the curb and be done with it, but that’s proving to be a whole lot easier said than done. Even though I know I should hate her, she’s pulling me into her web. The problem is I’ve got a club full of brothers who have a say in every decision I make, and these boys aren’t in the habit of showing mercy. One of two things is going to happen: I’ll be carrying her to my bed, or carrying her out in a body bag. Her name is Daisy, I’m Preacher, and this is our story.

Perilous (Dauntless MC) is available on Amazon.


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