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My name is Striker Malone but that hasn’t always been the case; I was forced to change it. Well, actually the state changed it when my father was imprisoned and killed after he was unjustly prosecuted for a string of serial murders.

Life wasn’t great before that defining moment but it was majorly fucked beyond repair afterwards… and so was I. That guilty verdict, that decision, made me the man I am today.

I’m not a good man and whether or not I can blame that on nature, I’m not sure. I do not doubt, however, that it is based on nurture or, at least, the lack thereof.

I do not hold anyone but myself accountable for the decisions I have chosen to make. I do, however, blame the parties involved in my parents’ deaths for putting me in the position to make those hard decisions. Had it not been for their deceitful lies, my life would have taken a much different course.

No man should be led down that path where he struggles with the choice of whether to stalk or kill. I suppose the fact that I have enjoyed stalking the daughter of the judge who sentenced my father does say something about my dark nature though. Perhaps that darkness within is a mixture of nature and nurture; I quit trying to figure it out long ago.

I’ve embraced my dark, sadistic nature. Like anything in life, it has been a journey and this is the documentation of that journey—a journey of revenge, murder, and my quest to avenge the death of my parents.

My choice was taken away years ago when my father was made a pawn in a game that the rich and elite played. Now, I’m the master of my own destiny and though they are unaware, I am now the master of theirs. Yes, I have to agree with that old saying. Revenge is most definitely a dish that’s best served cold.


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