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✰ 5 Because I like Black Roses and Knives Stars ✰

Black Rose is a dark and gritty story of a predator stalking his prey, and staking his claim. Igniting in that all too familiar inferno that is obsession, Charles Wentworth III is just that. A Predator. A chameleon hiding in plain sight, He preys on the vagrants’ of the city, doling out justice and leaving his signature Black Rose behind. He hunts and he kills and he doesn’t give a fuck. He’s crazy passionate and always in control. Dominate and deviously calculating by nature he pretty much is the epitome of an evil prick. This was actually kind of HOT maybe I’m just as wicked as the intangible Black Rose

Charles’s one true Obsession lies in the exquisiteness of the lovely Melanie. He will stop at nothing to obtain what he covets. His craving to possess her only magnifies in multitudes when he gets restless and nothing seems to state his hunger. Determined to make Melanie his, he sets in motion a plan. A deviant arrangement essentially making her just as perverse as he is.

True to Suzanne Steele writing style and the personalities of her dominant alpha males she gives voice to the dark and dysfunctional. I Love reading her stories, even when they are wrapped up in crazy, and dipped in OMFG what the hell was that. Black Rose is no different. Entwining the different POVs just made it more intense for me. Everyone had an agenda making up their own status quo. So much malevolence was happening and all of it was fucking crazy. (My advice: Don’t drink the water up in Kentucky.) And just when you think that you have it all figured out you get suckered punched in the face. And your little black heart skips a beat as you find yourself rooting for the devil.

Ms. Steele has a knack for leaving the reader in a state of shock and awe. She took me on a journey to the dark side then with each whispered threat she gradually took me a little deeper as each new character was introduced, and the more I got to know the other people in this story the more darker it became. Not going to lie here one of the characters gave me the creepy crawlers. You’ll know who when you read this I won’t say anymore though I really think that a reader should go in blind it will make all the difference in how you perceive the events taking place in Black Rose

So to summarize … Hooray for Debauchery, Murder, and the Wickedness that is..The Black Rose.

Available on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Suzanne-Steele/e/B00C9L6YRQ

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