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Novak (1)


We are born Bratva–We die Bratva!

You’ve met my cousin Glazov, now please allow me to introduce myself

My birth name was, “Mathias Novak” I had changed it when I

left New York at a young age and relocated to California.

You see, “Carl Sims” sounded much more Americanized and it

would keep me from being viewed as a mobster, or a thug.

I like to think of myself as a business man with an edge and

the words mobster and thug carry a stigma with them that I do not want to be

associated with.

Being of European descent I am very particular.

I am a polished man, a very precise man and perfected at

anything that I do.

Not just any woman has the capability to snag my attention,

it takes a certain something if you will and women like Katrina are few and far between.

I have no intention of letting Katrina get away from me.

Then there is also the issue of the diary, I will be keeping

Katrina on a short leash…

To say that I am a dangerous man would be an understatement; let’s just say that Katrina crossed the wrong man when she stole that diary and if forced marriage is the only way to keep her from testifying against me; well then, So. Be.It.


I was doing great. Riding high on the success of my bestseller. Until the Mobster I stole from to write the book; demanded his diary back.

Giving that diary back would be admitting I had

stolen it and used it to write my story.

It meant admitting my novel which had now become a worldwide, phenomenal best seller; was nothing more than a hoax.

This created a grave problem, it meant losing a lot of

money and worse than that, it meant my reputation as a writer would be ruined.

I had no choice, I would have to try and charm this

snake, somehow, some way; into not ruining all that I had worked for.

But forced marriage?!? He couldn’t be serious, or could he?


Novak is available on Amazon:



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