Charles Wentworth III (Black Rose)

The Black Rose Book Cover



The sixteen year old hid behind the crates in the back alley watching in horror as a local street gang viciously beat a man to death and recorded it; all for the sport of putting it on the internet. He was certain that they could hear his heart beat, as it thundered in his ear drums. It was much like a train wreck, in that he wanted to look away, but he could not peel his eyes from the horrid scene unfolding right before him.

Everything in him wanted to do something to help the victim, but the pack of wolves that tore at the flesh of the man far outnumbered him. He could never remember not just feeling; but actually being so helpless. How could anyone be so cruel and brutal?

Finally when he felt that he could stand no more, the vicious pack of wolves dispersed, and made their way down the alley laughing and high fiving one another, as if they had won the high school football game. He waited for a moment to be certain that they were gone before he exited from behind his hiding place. He cradled the man’s head in his lap and remained with him until he breathed his last breath.

He gently laid the man’s head down and exited the mouth of the alley a changed being. He had entered as a boy, but he exited as a man, and he vowed to himself that he would never be an innocent bystander to the cruelty of mankind again.

An excerpt from ‘The Black Rose.’

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©2014 Suzanne Steele





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