The Contract Complete edition


I’m standing in the mirror looking at Laura for the last time—today she will die. The scissors I am gripping in a fisted manner give testimony to that fact. No longer will I be the woman who is afraid to go outside. Now I will be the woman others take note of and fear, the woman who will be an equalizer of sorts. That is exactly why I am doing this.

I have allowed myself in the past to be victimized. I was filled with so much fear I could no longer cross the threshold of my own home.

It is with a mixture of joy and apprehension that I am killing not only the victim, but the word and the mind-set from my very being.

Water trickles down my breasts and I once again shimmy my towel filled hands through my wet hair, tossing the towel to the side on the tiled bathroom floor.

I don’t even bother to run a comb through it before I begin picking up chunks with one hand and cutting it in long layers with the other. Though my virgin hair is still untouched by chemicals, it will now give off more of a golden color when I am finished with it due to styling products. By the time that I am finished, I will no longer emanate innocence—I will exude sex appeal.

If I know anything, I know men think with their cocks. If I am going to get close enough to look them in the eye and kill them, then I am going to have to utilize my feminine wiles. I will be a femme fatale of sorts. I will be a force to be reckoned with.

Unedited excerpt from The Contract series volumes 1-4

Available on Amazon:
©2014 Suzanne Steele

2 thoughts on “The Contract Complete edition

    • Wow, I must have done pretty good; that’s an excerpt from a book that I wrote. Believe it or not, you aren’t the first that mistook it for Non-fiction.
      I’m flattered and thanks for stopping by.

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