Your sacred spy

Your sacred spy

I once read that a writer is much like a spy and I immediately thought to myself that I am that woman also.
Though I tend to more of an exhibitionist in the physical realm, in the spiritual realm I truly am a voyeur.
I have an innate desire to know what makes people tick.
I want to get inside of their heads and their lives with no judgment, but with full understanding.
I have been like that from a very young age, even going so far as to study and be intrigued with criminal behavior.
To study forbidden loves and lusts.
To study forbidden cravings and desires.
Oh, but the magic of being able to put it to words is deliciously indescribable.
To be able to write about something such as a sacred secret place in another’s life, is a true honor and one that I take very seriously.
For much of what I have learned, I have learned hands on from my readers and I treasure their secrets that I will take to the grave with me.
Many don’t realize that as they have opened up to me, they have won a piece of my heart and we have connected.
They have allowed me “To spy” into the deepest recesses of their being and I am truly grateful for the honor.
They have opened up to me about things that their own spouses don’t know and I have opened up to them; about things that no one knows about me.
I am a spy of sorts, a sacred spy and I depend on you.
You are the reason that my words on paper have depth and meaning.
You are the muse which inspires me to strike the keys that bring forbidden worlds to life.
I thank you for allowing me into your life and into your being. The bond that has been created through that sacred sharing; is one that will remain with me.
You see: it is you who brings the words to life. You are the reason that I continue to strike these keys; these keys which tell a story of depth that demands to be put into words.
Rejoice for your story is told in anonymity because of me your sacred spy…
©2013 Suzanne Steele


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