My Stranger

My Stranger

My Stranger…
I know not where he goes in the wee hours of the night.
I know not where the soles of his black combat boots doth tread.
For he is a mystery to me; He is a man who came into my life on a whim; with no warning, at a time; when I needed him most.
I have my inclinations where his feet doth trod; they trod through the dark concrete jungles of the city.
He is my lover, my hero, my savior of sorts.
Aaah, but to those who darken the pavement with their debauchery; he is a vigilante.
It is not for him that I fear: but for those whom are hell bent on wreaking havoc; they wreak their havoc on the unsuspecting souls making their way harmlessly to their havens of home.
For you see: my lover dost not sleep in the night hours; he redeems, he rescues, he kills.
He stalks the streets, making his way veiled within the mist of the obscurity that cloaks his very being; until he happens upon his next unsuspecting victim.
He is an equalizer of sorts, a vigilante, if you will.
But to those of us whom have been rescued by his mighty hand, he is known as our hero.
Walk on, tread on, redeem and rescue my love; for the morning does come quickly and once again: your mask, you will don for the unsuspecting population that knows you as a, “Son of light.”
For only I my love; know your truth: That just as you hold light within; there is a darkness that abides within the deepest recesses of your very being.
But your secret…………is safe…..with me…….
An excerpt from ‘The Black Rose’ available on Amazon:
©2013 Suzanne Steele


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