How to judge an Amazon review

How to judge an Amazon review

Like many others, when I first started to read reviews; I took them at face value. I dare say: that I don’t anymore.
It didn’t take long for me to understand: that even though, “The pen can be mightier than the sword,” “Consider the source;” is a definite deciding factor in the world of reviews also.
When reading a review on Amazon, or any other online purchasing platform, look at the reviewer’s profile and ask yourself questions such as: ‘Are all of their reviews negative?’ When reviewing a book, ‘How was their over-all grammar?’ I am anything but the ‘grammar police.’(Not by choice) I just tend to be a great story teller, one that has to study more when it comes to grammar issues. Anyway: back to the matter at hand. I have read reviews that go something like this: “don’t waste you time don’t waste your money.”
Yes, just like that. If someone does not know how to give an educated review, then move on.
When reviewing a product: does the person always give 5-star reviews on electronics, but only 1-star reviews on books? In a case such as this, I have to ask myself: ‘Is this an avid reader?’ Some people don’t like to read; therefore: no book would warrant a good review.
Is the reviewer a long winded, power hungry critic?
You know the type, the person that gets promoted and it goes to their head; or the person that now has the microphone and won’t give it back. They have a little power and some attention and they just go on, and on, and on….Well you get it.
Are they making stabbing remarks, and jokes; at the expense of the Author, or the manufacturer, of said product? Many times a reviewer knows that the person they are reviewing, can’t, or won’t defend themselves; due to their position. Many times ill meaning reviewers know that an Author will not retaliate; due to not wanting to tarnish their reputation with their readers. I have to question, if reviews such as this are being done in the right frame of mind, or attitude.
Reviews are great, but they can be a double edged sword. They can cut coming and going. Many times the reviewer is aware of this. I guess that it kind of boils down to the old adage, go with your gut; because it could be a good review that is coming from a good place, or it could be a lousy review, that is coming from an ulterior motive; or perhaps someone’s baggage: that has altered their perception…
Just some food for thought and thanks for stopping by…
©2013 Suzanne Steele


3 thoughts on “How to judge an Amazon review

  1. Also, people tend to give a bad review if the book wasn’t in their preferred genre, which Is absurd! First of all, don’t read it, or at least value it for the writing and the content, not because you don’t prefer the genre. 🙂

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