Don’t be a copycat!

Don't be a copycat!

Many times when I do the various writings on ‘Tools of the Trade,’ I find myself directing said teaching: towards myself, as well as others.
Whether we want to admit it, or not, we all want to be successful and along with that success, we want to sell books, photography, or music; whatever the case may be.
As an artist: our work comes from our very soul, (mind, will, and emotions,) but as a business person, we all like validation too. That validation comes in the form of people loving our work and thus purchasing said work.
I believe that it is normal human behavior to want these things, but I also believe that we cheapen the ‘Arts,’ when we begin to copycat; in hopes of big sales.
When I write, I literally pour my being into my work.
Many of you know that much of my work deals with hard hitting issues. I literally engulf myself in my work. When I research: I go to the source; to get a ‘vibe’ if you will. I want to feel what that character is going through. As an Author, I want you to be gripped and shaken down to your very core. I want you to feel, I want you to relate, I want you to laugh, cry, get angry, feel heartbroken, fall in love and most of all: to relate to the character that you are reading about.
Always remember: that as an artist, when you begin to copycat just for the sake of sales, you cheapen the art itself.
The highest form of being true to yourself (as an artist) is to not resort to things like copycatting, such as writing, shooting photography, or singing, just what you think the people want to see, or hear.
You have a responsibility to your followers to be yourself and to give them the true ‘essence’ of you.
In the end you will be successful in ways that will pay off more dividends, than just monetary ones.
You will be the artist that answers the true call; the true calling; of those that have been gifted in the arts…
Que Sera……
©2013 Suzanne Steele


2 thoughts on “Don’t be a copycat!

  1. God why bother if you are just going to do what someone else did….better by far to celebrate the achievement of works you love!!

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