Rubia, a Romance/Suspense Novel


I crouch in the corner of the jail as I timidly eye the man in front of me. Maybe he wouldn’t look so intimidating if he wasn’t dressed in full combat military fatigues.

“Are you ready to begin your life as my wife or do you still choose to live in this filth? Juanita… you have been here three weeks and a mansion awaits you. Be reasonable.”

It is true. I have been living life as a prisoner—his prisoner—for three weeks and it feels like I have been here six months.

I am tired, hungry, and going crazy cooped up in this cage. Nothing can be worse than this.

I hang my head with no fight left in me and agree to marry this complete stranger.

My wedding will consist of a justice of the peace, Ricardo’s maid, and our two signatures. It’s certainly not the elaborate fairy tale ceremony I had fantasized about as a little girl…


© 2015 Suzanne Steele

An excerpt from Suzanne’s romance novel, ‘Rubia’

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