Tools of the trade

Tools of the trade

I decided when I began writing that I would give back.
My way of doing that; has been through providing different writings, and excerpts, to other readers, and Authors; via the internet. (How to writings, if you will.)
I believe that regardless what career or interest that you are pursuing, that you will be learning: ‘The tools of the trade’ throughout your lifetime.
As an Author, you need to do two things, a lot:
1. Write
2. Read
Yes, you need to read.
I believe that the reason for this is not so much to glean from another Author’s style, but to saturate your mind with new ways to word things, and new ways to apply grammar.
Grammar is a funny thing; it is unlike math, which is an ‘absolute.’ In other words: there is only one way and one correct answer; to achieve your goal.

Grammar; though it has its laws of ‘being;’ does give us some wiggle room.
Much like many other art forms, there are countless ways of arriving at the end conclusion. And let’s face it; this is what determines your fan base.
This is how you connect; if you will. When a fan, ‘relates,’ that is when a connection occurs.
When the way that you ‘said it,’ or ‘communicated the story,’ opens the door of their imagination, and they see the words unfold into a picture within their mind’s eye; then you have succeeded in accomplishing your goal.

I also recommend that Author’s read outside of their genre. Most Authors have one genre per ‘Pen name.’
I do not. I write erotica, crime, suspense, BDSM and even romance.
I also read various genres and the funny is, they all correlate; believe it or not.
For example: BDSM is a prevalent issue in many crime/suspense novels. ‘Silence of the Lambs’ is a wonderful depiction of this analogy. Therefore reading genres that fall under various headings, has taught me how much Literature has in common, regardless of label, or genre.
Remember first and foremost: No one can do it like you. No one can write it like you. No one can tell it like you.
Be all that you can be, but first and foremost as one great Author said: “To thine own self; be true…”
©2013 Suzanne Steele


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