I like it!

I like it!

I like to write about abduction, kidnapping and the Stockholm Syndrome that develops.
I like pulling you into a relationship that is forbidden and taboo.
I like the obsession that occurs when the right man has to have one certain woman and none other will do.
I like telling you of the in depth planning that he does; the way that he does not miss one single detail in a pic, in her schedule, in her work attire, in her personality.
I like taking you through the process of how he watches her, all the while his obsession of her continually grows, as the whole process unfolds before your very eyes.
And let’s not forget the gamut of emotions that she goes through, the fear, the uncertainty and the anger that she feels as she lashes out at this intruder that has accessed her world uninvited.
And then the cycle begins again and little she begins to realize that through it all, she is bonding with her captor.
I like the way that I am able to weave the right abductor into your world, so that you my reader become intrigued with him and suddenly you find yourself thinking the unthinkable, “I wish it was me.”
©2013 Suzanne Steele


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